Hills Exercise Rehab Clinic

Hills Exercise Rehab Clinic is run by a team of Exercise Physiologists.  We aim to promote active lifestyles, improve overall health, fitness and wellbeing, and assist individuals in the management of pain, injury and chronic health conditions.

Our professional and knowledgeable Exercise Physiologists specialise in appropriate exercise prescription and interventions to achieve your desired goals.

Our Services

Musculoskeletal rehabilitation

Knee and hip replacement rehabilitation

Diabetes Management

Chronic disease management

Workers compensation/CTP rehabilitation

We treat patients under the following systems...

Private exercise consultations

Medicare plans

Workers Compensation

Defence and Veterans

Get started on achieving your lifestyle, health and fitness goals with Hills Exercise Rehab Clinic

AlterG – Anti Gravity Treadmill

Designed for all bodies, the Alter G combines a state of the art treadmill within a pressurised “anti-gravity” chamber that controls gravitational forces. Here, you can gently adjust your body weight from 100% down to as low as 20%, reducing impact forces, pain and effort with walking and running. The AlterG is designed for those looking to return to running or walking, returning from injury, pre/post lower limb surgery, and looking for a mode of exercise that is gentle of joints.

The exercise physiologists at Hills Exercise Rehab Clinic are accredited by Exercise and Sport Science Australia (ESSA) allowing us to provide treatment strategies in physical rehabilitation as well as disease prevention to establish and sustain functional independence.

What to expect in an Exercise Physiology appointment

Your first consultation with Hills Exercise Rehab Clinic will involve a detailed health and fitness assessment. We then develop a specific, personalised exercise plan tailored to your needs.

In your initial consultation, we will:

From this detailed assessment, we will:

Follow Up Consultations

To ensure that you receive optimal information regarding your exercise program, follow up consultations are often necessary. As exercises require correct techniques and progressions, follow up consultations are generally more frequent in the early stages and often less frequent as your body and lifestyle adapt. In these follow-up sessions we will monitor your progress and continue to adapt and progress your exercise program to help achieve your goals.

Proudly accredited by ESSA and associated with the following brands

Exercise Physiologists promoting active lifestyles, improving overall health, fitness and wellbeing, and assist individuals in the management of pain, injury and chronic health conditions.